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We are a small t-shirt printing company in the sunny City of Cape Coral in Florida, USA. We love to blog about The Big Bang Theory, AMC's The Walking Dead, internet memes, and funny photos. Visit our website, Le Rage Shirts to view our awesome and funny t-shirts.

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Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy Game of Thrones stuff. And they’re kinda the same.

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Credit: Sarah from Nevada, USA

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10 Sundays to Go before The Walking Dead returns for its 5th Season. 

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“Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure f*cking sex on a throne.” – Ginger (True Blood: Season 7 Episode 4).

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Six words The Walking Dead fans can’t wait to hear.

Six words The Walking Dead fans can’t wait to hear.

The Walking Dead fans left with nothing to do but wait for October. 

Credit: The Walking Dead Memes

When zombies attack me in the woods, I’ll definitely turn into this giraffe. LOL.

Source: The Walking Dead Memes

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